14 objects

Head of the Buddha

<p>Buddha head. Dark gray volcanic stone. Hair evenly incised over a pronounced ushnisha, is arranged in clearly defined individual locks which curl to the right. The urna is a subtle circle in the middle of the forehead, and the earlobes are elongated. Facial details, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth are simply articulated.</p>

Standing Buddha and tabernacle

<p>Standing equipoise over a plinth, the crowned Buddha raises both hands in abhayamudra, his ankle-length robe falling to the sides. He is enshrined within a flaming aureole with naga terminates, a bodhi tree overhead laced with serpentine vines. Cast in five parts: Buddha, base, plinth with frieze, backplate, Bodhi tree finial. With a green patina &#8230;</p>