Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

105 objects


Beaker with straight sides, slightly flared rim and rounded base. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: clear with greenish tinge, transparent, glossy; rim base unglazed. Decoration: painted in underglaze blue with a band of classic scroll below rim, a wide band of floral scroll on body, overlapping lotus petals above foot.



Small jar with flattened sides. Clay: light brown stoneware. Glaze: translucent, matt surface, large irregular crackle stained red; glaze worn off rim; foot unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt, with some black spotting: single line around base of neck, with lotus-petal collar; body flattened into four wide and four narrow panels, the wide panels with frames …


Covered box

Covered box with six molded lobes. Clay: pale gray stoneware. Glaze: on outside, translucent whitish glaze appearing yellowish over most of the surface; on inside, clear glaze appearing olive green where pooled. Foot unglazed. Decoration: in underglaze cobalt: in center of lid, eight-petalled flower enclosed by six radiating petal shapes, filled alternately with geometric and …


Pillow in the form of a tortoise

Pillow in the form of a tortoise, head turned upward, the feet shown in paddling motion. The carapace hexagonal plates are modelled, the divisions incised. The shell is surmounted by a narrow concave head-rest with lobed ends and a small hole in the center, on a base decorated with a carved scroll. This element, the …


Peach-shaped vessel

Miniature peach-shaped vessel


Flat jar

Flat bottle with three cartouches


Covered box in the form of a bird

Covered box in the form of a bird, with modeling on the lid and added head. Clay: stoneware, pale gray, fine-grained. Glaze: clear, colorless. Decoration: in cobalt pigment under the glaze, detailing the head, back, and wings of the bird and adding breast feathers and legs. Mark: none.



Miniature bowl


Dish with fluted cavetto and scalloped rim

Dish with hand-cut fluted cavetto and scalloped rim. Low foot, base unglazed. Clay: stoneware, light gray, fine grained. Glaze: “apple-green” high-temperature copper-tinted glaze. Glaze stops above lower edge of foot. Wide ring cut out of glaze in bottom, leaving circle of glaze in center. Mark: none.


Jar with combed and applied decoration

Jar of cylindrical form with broad shoulder tapering toward the flat base, short neck narrowing to the mouth. Clay: medium-grey stoneware. Glaze: thin iron wash and slight accumulation of fly-ash glaze. Decoration: two grooves insided into neck (possibly using combing tool); two raised ridges applied to shoulder, alternating with bands of undulating combing.


Jar with incised decoration

Jar of cylindrical form with broad shoulder tapering toward the flat base, short neck narrowing to the mouth. Clay: slick, smooth grey clay. Glaze: unglazed but with some kiln droppings. Decoration: two incised rings on the neck and one on the shoulder.



Jarlet of flattened globular form with rounded mouthrim and flat base. Clay: beige stoneware. Glaze: copper green, low gloss, crazed. Decoration: none.