Collection Area: Southeast Asian Art

20 objects

Dish with combed decoration

Dish with shallow curving sides, everted rim, broad footring, recessed base. Clay: buff stoneware. Glaze: grassy green, glossy, translucent, finely crazed; pooled at medallion; footrim glazed, brown wash on perimeter of unglazed base. Decoration: four groups of combed vertical lines on cavetto.


Dish with incised decoration

Dish with shallow curving sides, wide flat rim and short carved footring; the exterior surface was scrapped possibly by a wooden tool. Clay: grey stoneware. Glaze: grassy green, transparent, glossy, crackled where thick; the underside unglazed. Decoration: two incised rings on the interior.


Water bottle

Bottle composed of three sections above tall, splayed pedestal foot: Compressed globular body, shoulder and tubular neck tapered towards a chipped mouth. Several cracks on neck, a loss and a hole pierced through the footring. Clay: light grey earthenware. Glaze: none. Surface burnished and blackened by reduction firing. Decoration: rows of roulette design encircled the …


Alms bowl

Black alms bowl with wide mouth and round bottom. A crack on mouth. Clay: buff earthenware, polished, blackened by reduction firing. Glaze: none. Decoration: none.


Water pot

Pipe bowl

Jar with three horizontal lugs

1. (John Forbes, 25 April 1994) Very dark brown glaze falls short of base with some dripping and accumulation of glaze, wide everted mouth, three loop handles on shoulder connected with three non-contemporaneous split rattan handles, unglazed flat base exposes dark reddish brown clay, interior left unglazed, body decorated with two bands of rectangular panels …