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10,124 objects

Vase with relief design of peony scroll

<p>Jar: tall baluster, with small mouth; recessed foot. Wood stand. Clay: hard, buff, stoneware. Glaze: grayish-cream; compound crackle. Decoration: peony design in relief, under glaze.</p>


<p>Vase: baluster form; depressed base. Wood stand &#8211; discarded. Clay: dense, white. Glaze: lustrous cream-white; closely crackled; finely pitted.</p>

Lidded jar with design of butterflies

<p>Jar: four sided with bulging outlines; square mouth and base. Pottery cover. Clay: hard, light-gray. Glaze: deep cream-color; crackled and stained. Decoration: butterflies in brown, one under and one, over glaze. Head and ring handles in relief.</p>


<p>Bowl, broad ovoidal; bold basal ring. Clay: hard, grayish, sonant. Glaze: glassy; cream slip under glaze, inside; light warm brown with darker cloudings, outside; fissured, blistered, and chipped. Decoration: in under-glaze cream and brown slip. Around the outside&#8211;flowers and calligraphic squiggles.</p>

Cizhou ware jar

<p>Vase: large, baluster. Clay: buff stoneware. Glaze: overall coating of white slip beneath colorless transparent glaze; scratched, pitted and chipped. Inside glazed.</p>

Bowl, Dongan-type ware

<p>Bowl, flaring; small, bold foot. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, dense, gray. Glaze: Celadon type, pale gray-green: brown crackle. Uncovered areas show biscuit.</p>


<p>Jar, tall, expanding cylindrical, sloping shoulder, and elongated conical neck. Clay: hard, gray. Glaze: brilliant bluish-black, with areas of lighter tone; iridescent. Brown wash over lower edge and base.</p>

Cizhou ware bowl

<p>Bowl: rather heavily potted; low, slightly beveled foot, roughly trimmed base. Clay: Dense, light buff stoneware; resonant; darker on exposed surface of foot and base. Glaze: Thick, black (ferric oxide) high temperature, typically viscous glaze with &#8220;raven&#8217;s wing&#8221; original iridescence, streaked with iron brown which runs halfway down on inside in regular stripes, each broken &#8230;</p>

Karamono tea caddy, bunrin type

<p>Tea caddy, taikai shape (taikai chaire [Jpn]). Small chip in rim. Ivory lid Clay: fine, light-weight, grayish. Glossy reddish-brown on surface. Glaze: rich reddish-brown, splashed with gray-green and dull yellow. Two thin layers of glaze. Interior partially glazed, probably by accident.</p>