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visual works by subjectlandscape (621)water (163)waterfall (54)ocean (15)lake (11)stream (2)riverYangzi River (1)Yellow River (1)mountain (233)cliff (3)hill (2)Five Sacred MountainsMount Emei (1)Mount Jing (1)island (7)shore (2)cave (1)portrait (103)self portrait (1)still life (13)bird and flower (9)mythological subject (2)Queen Mother of the West (2)human habitationvillage (2)city (1)bird and animal (1)Four Gentlemen (1)interior (1)seascape (1)plant (6)vegetable (6)cabbage (5)fruitgrape (5)pomegranate (5)citron (3)gourd (3)persimmon (2)berry (1)cherry (1)litchi (1)melon (1)flowerhollyhock (5)daylily (2)morning glory (2)amaranth (1)cherry blossom (1)gardenia (1)lilac (1)pear blossom (1)bonsai (4)treepeach tree (3)apricot tree (2)paulownia tree (2)plum tree (2)cedar tree (1)cyprus tree (1)ginko tree (1)magnolia tree (1)mulberry tree (1)palm tree (1)grainrice (3)juniper (2)fungus (1)plantain (1)vine (1)Peoplepeople by genderman (139)woman (97)people in religionholy man (1)visual works by stylestyles by medium and regionpainting stylesAsiaEast AsiaEast Asian painting stylesChinese painting stylesbaimiao style (102)blue-and-green style (77)ruled-line painting (1)Animals and Plantsanimal (2)vertebratefishcarp (2)birdOther Birdschicken (2)rooster (1)dove (1)pigeon (1)Birds of Preyfalcon (2)Waterfowlswan (2)Perching Birdscrow (1)jay (1)tit-babbler (1)Shorebirdsstork (1)mammalcatleopard (2)donkeymule (2)squirrel (2)bat (1)bovinebuffalo (1)mouse (1)pig (1)mythological animal (1)Transportation objectsboat (98)dragon boat (2)cart (3)chariot (2)rickshaw (1)wheel (1)seasonwinter (74)autumn (41)spring (20)summer (7)Architecture and Placesarchitecture (4)bridge (52)people by occupation or activityscholar (52)attendant (42)poet (10)Du Fu (712-770) (2)Li Bai (701-762) (2)Wang Wei (2)Chen Zi'ang (661-702) (1)Meng Haoran (ca. 689-740) (1)Meng Jiao (751-814) (1)Sikong Shu (died ca. 790) (1)Sun Ti (ca. 699-ca. 761) (1)Xiao Yi (507-555) (1)Zhao Shixiu (act. late 12th-early 13th century) (1)horseman (8)fisherman (5)musician (5)shepherd (2)groom (3)artist (2)warrior (2)peddler (1)ActivitiesDaily Activitieswork (6)commerce (5)herb gathering (3)textile worksewing (3)weaving (2)embroidering (1)spinning (textile) (1)wood-gathering (3)building (1)cooking (1)farmingsilk farming (1)teaching (1)washing (1)travel (41)playing (18)reading (18)sleeping (14)dreaming (3)drinking (11)eating (5)bathing (3)Cultural and Entertainment Activitiessport (1)music (14)writing (6)game playing (3)chess (2)dance (3)flower viewing (2)flower arranging (1)theaterpuppetry (1)Religious Activitiesmeditation (3)miracle (2)worship (2)prayer (1)preaching (1)

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