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Visual Worksvisual works by medium and formpaintingpainting by formkakemono (666)hanging scroll (23)makimono (22)handscroll (2)polyptych (2)hexaptych (1)tetraptych (1)printmakingprints by formoban (210)koban (111)gafu (71)hosoban (61)chuban (33)tate-e (31)book plate (21)tanzaku (20)hashira-e (10)nagaban (9)yoko-e (9)aiban (7)uchiwa-e (3)fan print (2)miscellaneous printing termssurimono (127)hanshita-e (34)egoyomi (1)prints by techniquebokashi (6)fukusei (1)shikishi (24)emaki (1)visual works by image formabstract (54)caricature (26)silhouette (24)viewsbirds-eye view (6)tattoo (2)uki-e (2)harimaze (1)visual works by subjectukiyo-e (642)landscape (175)water (64)river (58)ocean (50)waterfall (27)lake (6)canal (3)harbor (3)hot spring (3)stream (3)pond (2)mountain (40)hill (6)Mount Meru (1)beach (14)island (10)shore (7)marsh (1)Japanese printmaking subjectsyakusha-e (152)bijinga (18)musha-e (3)portrait (151)nocturne (16)human habitationcity (14)village (4)seascape (7)figure (2)interior (2)okubi-e (1)still life (1)ActivitiesCultural and Entertainment Activitiestheater (193)puppetry (3)music (26)dance (15)writing (12)game playing (6)go (2)fireworks (5)sport (1)smoking (3)calligraphy (2)the four accomplishments (2)circus (1)cockfighting (1)flower viewing (1)Fashionhairstyle (1)painting (1)photography (1)Daily Activitieswork (14)fishing (10)farming (7)washing (3)cooking (2)trade (2)textile worksewing (1)weaving (1)wood-gathering (1)travel (16)eating (12)reading (10)playing (8)drinking (7)sleeping (3)dreaming (2)bathing (2)Religious Activitiespilgrimage (5)meditation (3)preaching (2)worship (2)Misc. Activitiesbegging (1)Activities, Disciplines and EventsEventsbattle (189)Sino-Japanese War (39)Satsuma Rebellion (12)celebration (14)festival (12)Holidaysnew year (13)Life Eventsdeath (5)marriage (2)exposition (1)DisciplinesScientific disciplinesmedicine (2)people by occupation or activityactor (176)courtesan (57)geisha (50)poet (41)warrior (34)samurai (20)ronin (1)attendant (23)scholar (6)musician (5)artist (1)fisherman (1)shepherdherd boy (1)horseman (1)messenger (1)Transportation objectsboat (173)train (13)rickshaw (10)carriage (8)palanquin (8)gig (4)hot air balloon (3)automobile (2)Information FormsDocument GenresDocument Genres for Literary WorksliteraturedramasJapanese dramatic formskabuki (164)Noh (5)poems (53)poems by formJapanese poetic formshaiku (11)kyoka (1)couplet (1)Seals and Inscriptionsseal (4)Seal useartist seal (1)inscription (1)Peoplepeople by genderwoman (164)girl (7)man (63)people in religionholy man (1)Physical Science Phenomenaweathersnow (104)wave (34)cloud (16)Astronomical Bodies and Eventsmoon (74)sun (10)sunset (6)constellationzodiac (1)plant (14)flowerchrysanthemum (13)plum blossom (13)lotus (12)wisteria (12)peony (7)iris (6)morning glory (5)lily (4)poppy (4)tree peony (4)hibiscus (3)narcissus (3)rose (3)camellia (2)hydrangea (2)water lily (2)apple blossom (1)aster (1)azalea (1)begonia (1)daylily (1)dianthus (1)hollyhock (1)jonquil (1)orchid (1)passionflower (1)primrose (1)sweet pea (1)yugao (1)treemaple tree (8)ginko tree (3)plum tree (2)apple tree (1)dogwood (1)kousa tree (1)magnolia tree (1)mimosa tree (1)mulberry tree (1)palm tree (1)tulip magnolia (1)grass (7)vine (5)pea vine (1)fruitpersimmon (3)cherry (2)grape (2)peach (2)berry (1)grainrice (3)bonsai (2)vegetablecucumber (2)eggplant (2)squash (2)bean (1)radish (1)mustard plant (2)herb (1)shrub (1)people by ageyouthchild (57)infant (1)Animals and Plantsanimal (4)vertebratebirdOther Birdschickenchick (4)rooster (4)hen (3)dove (4)kingfisher (4)quail (4)woodpecker (3)parrot (1)turkey (1)Birds of Preyhawk (4)Shorebirdsstork (4)gull (3)plover (2)sandpiper (2)snipe (2)cormorant (1)spoonbill (1)Perching Birdsfinch (2)canary (1)goldfinch (1)mynah bird (2)swallow (2)waxwing (2)bluebird (1)flycatcher (1)jay (1)magpie (1)robin (1)Waterfowlswan (1)mammal (1)ox (1)rat (1)amphibianfrog (4)tadpole (1)toad (4)fishminnow (1)mythological animalmakara (1)tengu (1)yaksa (1)Time of Daynight (56)evening (3)Objectsfan (42)Weaponsgun (10)bow (9)axe (2)arrow (1)cannon (1)Furniture and Furnishingsfurniturethrone (5)fly whisk (4)screen (3)

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