30 objects

Bizen ware sake bottle in the shape of a wild duck

<p>Sake bottle (tokkuri), gourd-shaped, with pinched body; twisted bulbous neck and short spout. Restoration on spout. Clay: fine, fired reddish-brown. Glaze: lustrous, mottled reddish to blackish brown, iridescent areas, yellow spots. Impressed mark: Character tera in seal script within outline of folding fan.</p>

Akahada ware tea bowl with design of standing cranes

<p>Tea bowl, notched. Mishima technique. Gohon type with crane design (gohon tachizuru chawan [Jpn]) Clay: dense, resonant, grayish-white. Glaze: greenish-gray, flushed with pink, dappled in cream yellow. Decorations: cranes, incised, partially filled with white paste, and touched with brown, under glaze. Seal. Gourd-shaped seal, &#8220;Akahada&#8221; [Jpn]</p>

Container with frog at rim

<p>Light gray clay, darkened on surface by use. Potter&#8217;s mark &#8220;Shun&#8217;u,&#8221; without frame, impressed on base to right. Clear ash glaze under copper-green (rusu) glaze streaked with bluish white, forming thick welt just above base. Clear glaze on inside. Relief figure of tiny frog climbing over rim. With ivory lid.</p>

Tea bowl in Oribe style

<p>Buff clay, stained beneath glaze. On outside, underglaze iron painted decoration (which appears gray) of plovers in a &#8220;fishnet&#8221; lattice. Clear glaze, slightly underfired, crackled, partially wiped off base; narrow panel of copper-green ash glaze on outside, overlapping rim.</p>

Kyoto ware jar with design of phoenixes and paulownia crests

<p>Jar. Gold lacquer repairs. Black lacquer cover. Clay: hard, sonorous, beige. Stained where exposed at base. Glaze: translucent fish-roe crackle. Decoration: in green, blue and red enamels, and gold, over glaze. Gold lost in areas. Pair of phoenixes, five paulownia crests, kashiwa leaves and grasses, and vinescroll motif. Seal and inscription.</p>

Tea caddy with two lugs, in Oribe style

<p>Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Concave base. Two lugs. White slip extending slightly below clear glaze. Under-glaze iron painted decoration over shoulder and much of body, showing brush strokes; on one side, flying geese and pattern resembling &#8220;tie-dyed&#8221; textile, painted in reserve; on opposite side, vertical faceting and incising. Potter&#8217;s mark incised on &#8230;</p>