26 objects

Incense burner in the shape of Chinese lion-dog

<p>Incense burner, with perforated oval cover. Chinese lion-dog (shishi). Clay: heavy-weight, dense. Glaze: brilliant black lacquer, powdered and overlaid with gold. Seal: Raku (false seal of Raku Sonyu, 1664-1716)</p>

Incense box in the shape of a rooster, in Oribe style

<p>Buff clay. Stippling around comb and wattles; carved details on wings and tail. Clear glaze, coarsely crackled; splash of copper-green on comb; details of eyes, beak, and wings painted in underglaze iron.</p>

Square incense box with sculpted figure of crane, unknown Raku ware workshop

<p>Clay: soft, gray. Raku type. Glaze: gray with variations of yellowish, pinkish, and greenish tints. Reduced. Red Raku glaze. Decoration: seated crane in high relief. Underglaze iron marks on one edge to assist in aligning lid and base. Mark. &#8220;Koetsu&#8221; and cipher (kao) written on bottom of base with underglaze iron pigment.</p>