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256 objects

Enthroned Buddhist divinity with halo

<p>Statuette: a Buddhist divinity, haloed and enthroned. Surface: dark brown patina, earthy incrustation. Decoration: in low relief.</p>

Water jar with design of reeds and water

<p>Buff clay. Iron-bearing slip coating upper surface of rim and used to paint three sprays of bamboo on body under glaze. Cream-colored feldspathic glaze, coarsely crackled, finger wiped and brushed decoratively. Foot rim and base unglazed. Seven spur marks (from clay wads) in bottom; six spur marks on base inside foot rim. Inscription, &#8220;uebito&#8221; (courtier) &#8230;</p>

Figure of Suigetsu Kannon

<p>Clay: hard, dense, grayish. Darkened on surface. Glaze: figure &#8211; celadon, crackled; face, hands, and foot &#8211; thin brown (iron wash).</p>

Seated Kannon and dragon

<p>Clay: hard, gray Glaze: cream-white, crackled. Decoration: in gold, turquoise-green and light red, over glaze.</p>

Image of seated Kannon

<p>Clay: hard, dense, grayish-white. Porcelain. Glaze: flesh parts &#8211; unglazed, covered by brown patina; robe -blue enamel with black decoration; cowl &#8211; silvered enamel with gold decoration; ornaments &#8211; gilded; rock &#8211; red brown (lacquer over gold foil).</p>

Vase for Buddhist altar

<p>Light gray clay. Two lion-head-shaped loop handles. Incised decoration on neck and base; molded and hand-formed relief decor of peonies accented with under-glaze cobalt blue. Clear glaze, crackled, yellow-green where thick. Splashed on both sides of neck with opaque bluish white unofu glaze. Clear glaze on inside.</p>

Tea bowl with design of Daruma and inscription

<p>Tea bowl with figure of Daruma and inscription. Clay: hard, buff Glaze: clear with areas of milkiness, crackled Decoration: iron and cobalt under glaze Signature: inscribed to right of painting, in cobalt.</p>

Hibo Kannon

<p>This monumental painting represents Kannon in the guise of a maternal figure who nurtures an infant surrounded by a halo. Both figures hover among clouds high above the stark landscape of the world where the child will live. The painting exhibits both a signature and seal.</p>

Figure of Kannon holding a fish in a basket

<p>Clay: hard, fine. white: porcelain. Glaze: flesh&#8211;pinkish buff; figure-cream, pale green, and brown. Decoration: in colored enamels and gold, over glaze.</p>