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A crane


Sake bottle

<p>Bottle (tokkuri ), octagonal, ovoidal. Clay: hard, white. Glaze: luminous cream-white; variable brown crackle. Decoration: in grayish tones, under glaze.</p>


<p>Jar, ovoidal; flat recessed base; flat unglazed lip; neck broken and repaired. Clay: coarse, fired reddish-brown. Glaze: mottled gray, crackled, milky purplish overflow. Decoration: none.</p>

Incense burner, refashioned from a bottle

<p>Originally this item was a long-necked bottle. The neck was broken off and repaired to serve as an incense burner. Globular shape with silver rim and pierced copper cover. Clay: hard, ringing Glaze: gray-white, closely crackled. Decoration: in gray-blue, under glaze.</p>

Shidoro ware sake bottle

<p>Large sake bottle (tokkuri ). Bottle, ovoidal, with short, tubular neck. Clay: sandy, dark gray-brown. Glaze: thin, metallic dark-brown wash, splashed eccentrically; dappled ash glaze appearing green over body, amber over wash. Heavy overflow of rich, brilliant seal-brown and black, crackled, on neck and shoulder.</p>

Tea ceremony water jar

<p>Buff clay; some bloating in bottom. Two strap handles with incised vertical lines and appliqued studs. Three stump feet. Designs of cloud collars on neck, chevrons on body, incised with broad-edged blade. Ash glaze, crackled, greenish where thick; applied in two coats on outside, one coat on inside, wiped off flange and base; irregular trickles &#8230;</p>

Lamp stand converted to incense burner

<p>Incense-burner. Silver cover. Clay: hard, fine, gray-white. Glaze: lustrous cream-white faintly crackled in pale brown. Decoration: carved perforations.</p>

Incense burner in the shape of Chinese lion-dog

<p>Incense burner, with perforated oval cover. Chinese lion-dog (shishi). Clay: heavy-weight, dense. Glaze: brilliant black lacquer, powdered and overlaid with gold. Seal: Raku (false seal of Raku Sonyu, 1664-1716)</p>

Incense burner

<p>Incense-burner, low, ovoidal; three feet; two loop handles. Pierced bronze cover. Clay: dense, grayish-white. Glaze: brilliant dark seal-brown. Decoration: modeled in relief.</p>

Satsuma ware sake ewer

<p>Wine-pot, ovoidal; bell-shaped upper portion. Silver cap on spout. Silver cover. Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: brilliant cream, crackled.</p>

Tea bowl with design of autumn grasses

<p>Tea-bowl, ovoidal; deep flaring foot, notched. Clay: hard, dense, whitish. Glaze: lustrous warm cream, finely crackled. Decorations: floral, enameled in colors and gold, over glaze. Seal: Mimpei.</p>

Satsuma ware tea bowl

<p>Tea-bowl, ovoidal-cylindrical; four overlapping joints. Three rough bosses. Clay: hard, dense, grayish. Glaze: brilliant cream; light brown crackle; running splashes of brown.</p>

Asahi ware cylindrical tea bowl

<p>Cylindrical tea bowl (tsutsu chawan ) Low foot with four notches: spiral carved on base. Clay: hard, ringing, grayish. under glaze, dark brown where exposed, with spots of iron bleeding through glaze. Glaze: Clear glossy glaze. Opaque white around rim, dripping down one side. Footrim and base glazed. Mark: Inner edge of footrim: &#8220;Asahi.&#8221; Decoration: &#8230;</p>

Tea ceremony water jar with design of Gion Festival halberds

<p>Unknown workshop; false seal of Ninsei Tea Ceremony water jar (mizusashi [Jpn]); silver cover. Clay: hard, dense, grayinsh Glaze: clear, close dark crackle Decoration: in colored enamels (blue, green, red, black) and gold and silver over glaze. Mark: Ninsei [Jpn], large size, inside squared oval frame, stamped on base to left.</p>

Incense burner

<p>Incense-burner. Two handles. Silver cover. Clay: hard, dense. Glaze: &#8220;tortoise-shell marked&#8221;; orange splashed with black, white, and green.</p>

Seto ware “white-necked” sake bottle with pouring spout

<p>Light gray clay. Incised vertical lines on neck. Iron glaze, shiny and black where thick, translucent brown where thin; opaque white rice-straw ash (unofu) glaze on neck, running down shoulder. Four spur marks (from clay wads) on glazed slightly concave base.</p>

Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop

<p>Raku type ware, unknown kiln. Tea-bowl, very deep cylindrical; low foot. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: soft, dense, grayish. Glaze: brilliant thick black, revealing yellow under. Inscription incised in paste.</p>