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<p>Bowl on low foot. Satsuma ware, &#8220;brocade&#8221; style (Nishiki-de). Clay: hard, fine, cream-colored, so-called &#8220;faience.&#8221; Glaze: finely crackled, clear. Decoration: painted in gold and overglaze enamel colors; stylized small birds (chidori) covered with textile patterns over waves, also patterned. Design continues over rim onto exterior. Mark: rectangular, gold on black, Kizan (unidentified).</p>

Bound typewritten listing of identifications and notes by Yamanobe Tomoyuki on the textiles in the album F2017.11.1a; and accompanying letters from Yamanobe to Mrs. Robert B. Tatin (former owner), notes, and business cards

<p>F2017.11.2a: Bound booklet of identifications and descriptions of individual textile fragments in album F2017.11.1a, written by Yamanobe Tomoyuki, former curator of textiles at the Tokyo National Museum, typed in English, bound in blue patterned fabric. Noted in pencil, at bottom, on title page: Translated by Shigetaka Kaneko, Nat&#8217;l Museum F2017.11.2b: Folding fabric-covered case for 2a. &#8230;</p>