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Visual Worksvisual works by medium and formpaintingpainting by formkakemono (689)makimono (19)shikishi (10)printmakingprints by formgafu (5)tanzaku (3)oban (1)miscellaneous printing termssurimono (4)polyptychdiptych (1)emaki (1)visual works by image formuki-e (2)visual works by subjectukiyo-e (252)landscape (179)water (64)river (49)waterfall (16)ocean (10)lake (4)stream (3)hot spring (2)pond (1)mountain (42)Mount Fuji (24)hill (8)Mount Meru (1)shore (5)beach (2)forest (2)cave (1)island (1)portrait (39)self portrait (1)Japanese printmaking subjectsyakusha-e (6)bijinga (3)figure (3)still life (3)human habitationcity (1)Four Gentlemen (1)okubi-e (1)seascape (1)Peoplepeople by genderwoman (92)girl (6)man (70)boy (3)people in religionholy man (1)plant (16)flowerpeony (15)lotus (13)poppy (8)wisteria (8)morning glory (6)iris (5)hibiscus (4)carnation (3)hollyhock (3)lily (3)rose (3)camellia (2)narcissus (2)orchid (2)daffodil (1)yugao (1)treewillow tree (11)maple tree (6)cedar tree (2)cryptomeria tree (1)plum tree (1)grass (9)grainrice (4)fruit (1)persimmon (1)pomegranate (1)vine (2)vegetablecabbage (1)fern (1)shrubnandina (1)aquaticspatterdock (1)people by ageyouthchild (58)adultelder (1)Animals and Plantsanimal (1)vertebratemammalbat (1)pigboar (1)catcivet cat (1)bovinecow (1)mouse (1)rat (1)fishblowfish (1)bream (1)eel (1)carpkoi (1)trout (1)birdShorebirds (1)snipe (1)spoonbill (1)Other Birdshoopoe (1)kingfisher (1)parrot (1)quail (1)Perching Birdsmagpie (1)swallow (1)Birds of Preyowl (1)amphibianfrog (1)mythological animalmakara (1)monster (1)phoenix (1)tengu (1)yaksa (1)Objectsfan (46)Weaponsbow (6)axe (1)gun (1)fly whisk (5)Furniture and Furnishingsfurniturethrone (5)screen (4)book (2)Transportation objectsboat (40)palanquin (4)cart (1)people by occupation or activitycourtesan (38)attendant (21)poet (18)actor (12)scholar (12)warrior (9)samurai (2)geisha (7)musician (7)horseman (2)messenger (2)peddler (2)soldierarcher (1)artist (1)fisherman (1)shepherdherd boy (1)hunter (1)season (4)Musical Instrumentsstring instrumentlute (1)zither (1)percussion instrumentdrum (12)bell (4)cymbal (1)wind instrumentflute (11)reed instrumentsheng (1)Physical Science Phenomenaweathersnow (28)rain (8)wind (2)cloud (12)wave (7)
ActivitiesCultural and Entertainment Activitiesmusic (27)dance (15)theater (14)puppetry (4)game playing (7)go (4)polo (2)kotori (1)sport (5)hunting (4)racing (1)writing (5)calligraphy (3)the four accomplishments (3)smoking (2)painting (1)Daily Activitiesplaying (12)work (7)farming (4)commerce (3)reading (10)drinking (7)eating (4)travel (3)bathing (1)sleeping (1)Religious Activitiesmeditation (3)pilgrimage (3)preaching (2)worship (2)miracle (1)prayer (1)Misc. Activitiesbegging (1)medical practices (1)Folkloric and Literary Characters, Genres and SubjectsFolkloric and Literary CharactersJapanese Folkloric and Literary CharactersShuten Doji (27)Kintaro (1)Momotaro (1)Folkloric and Literary Subjects and WorksJapanese Folkloric and Literary SubjectsTale of Shuten Doji (27)The Tale of Genji (10)Tales of Ise (3)Hyaku Monogatari (1)Tale of the Crane (1)Tales of Pleasure Women (1)The Tale of Utatane (1)Chinese Folkloric and Literary SubjectsPeach Blossom Spring (1)Information FormsDocument GenresDocument Genres for Literary Worksliteraturepoems (22)poems by formJapanese poetic formshaiku (3)couplet (1)dramasJapanese dramatic formskabuki (7)Seals and Inscriptionsseal (3)inscription (1)shrine (22)bridge (20)Astronomical Bodies and Eventsmoon (20)sun (4)sunrise (1)constellationzodiac (1)Activities, Disciplines and EventsEventsbattle (16)celebration (16)festival (6)Holidaysnew year (10)Life Eventsdeath (3)cremation (1)Architecture and Placesarchitectureplace of worshiptemple (14)garden (12)pavilion (5)palace (1)priest (12)Time of Daynight (11)monk (10)invertebrateinsect (5)firefly (3)fly (2)bee (1)wasp (1)crustacean (1)lobster (1)mollusk (1)

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