Collection Area: Japanese Art

565 objects

Goshikihara, from the series Twelve Scenes of the Japan Alps

The “jizuri” (self-produced) seal is printed in the left-hand margin, followed by the date and title. English title and artist’s signature in English is penciled in the bottom margin. The artist’s signature is written in ink within the image with the small oblong seal “Hiroshi” below.


Bamboo in the snow

Hanging scroll, paulownia inner box with inscribed lid, stained/lacquered wood outer box end with end door.


Nested set of three dishes with cover

Nested set of three round, straight-sided dishes (a: bottom, b: middle, c: top) with cover (d); low, broad, slightly concave foot, unglazed; cover slightly domed with slightly concave center medallion. Clay: white porcelain; bisque surfaces dirty. Glaze: clear with aqua tint on all but fitting surfaces and foot-rim; imperfect, especially inside with many “pin-holes,” black …