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Karatsu ware tea bowl

Tea bowl. Gold lacquer repairs. Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: lustrous cream, with greenish, pinkish-brown, darker brown areas and stainings, brown crackle.


Seto ware jar with stamped decor

Buff clay, stained brown by use on surface and in large areas under glaze. Thrown ridge beneath neck; decorative motifs stamped in two tiers around shoulder, separated by incised double horizontal lines. Translucent glaze ranging from olive to apple green (rusu type) on outside, with dark crackle; clear glaze on inside; glaze wiped off rim …


Tea bowl with silk brocade design

Clay: hard, grayish. Glaze: luminous cream-white, crackled. Pink flush in interior. Decoration: in purplish-brown and green enamels, and gold, over glaze. Textile design.


Serving bowl in style of Longquan ware

Bowl of deep shape, plain rim. Clay: gray porcellanous stoneware. Glaze: thick, glossy celadon, transparent, crackled over foot, on trim but none on base. Decoration: outside incised floral pattern, thunder pattern at rim; inside six human figures and five inscriptions, impressed.


Satsuma ware tea-ceremony water jar in the shape of a well curb

Water-jar (mizusashi) in form of a well-head, quadrilateral, cypress (sugi) wood cover with nashiji lacquer lining and metal ornaments of crab and bird. Clay: hard, dense, cream-colored stoneware Glaze: transparent, finely crackled Decoration: in pink, light green and pale lavender enamels and gold, over glaze. Chrysanthemums, grasses and vines outside. Peony scroll band at top …



Kenzan style tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water

Tea bowl with design of crane and flowing water. Clay: soft, Raku-like. Glaze: luminous yellow-pink; crackled. Lead glaze. Decoration: in cream and black overglazes, in relief. Crane and flowing water.


Tea bowl with design of mountain retreat

Gold lacquer repair. Clay: hard, fine. Stoneware. Glaze: cream, finely crackled. Decoration: white slip with iron and impure cobalt under glaze. Pavilion and landscape.


Vase in Oribe style, probably Seto ware

Buff clay. Wheel-thrown form distorted by vertical slashes made with a blade and by pinching from two opposite sides; base finished by hand. Feldspathic glaze, cream colored where thin, white where thick; splashes of copper-green ash glaze partially reduced to lavender and yellow-green; areas of crawling. Inside glazed; base glazed in concave center, unglazed around …


Kenzan style tea bowl with design of mountain retreat

Shallow tea-bowl with landscape design. Clay: Stoneware. Hard, dense, grayish. Hand carved. Five spur marks in foot. Glaze: white over fawn, crackled. Thickly pitted. Decoration: in black, under glaze. Buildings in landscape.