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people by occupation or activityactor (255)courtesan (72)warrior (35)samurai (11)ronin (2)geisha (20)attendant (16)poet (8)musician (6)dancer (1)fisherman (1)shepherdherd boy (1)Information FormsDocument GenresDocument Genres for Literary WorksliteraturedramasJapanese dramatic formskabuki (241)poems (34)poems by formJapanese poetic formshaiku (12)Seals and Inscriptionsinscription (10)seal (2)Seal useartist seal (1)ActivitiesCultural and Entertainment Activities (1)fireworks (1)flower viewing (1)sightseeing (1)sport (1)sumo wrestling (1)Daily Activitieswork (4)washing (3)cooking (2)farming (2)silk farming (1)textile worksewing (2)teaching (1)trade (1)reading (11)eating (10)travel (9)playing (8)drinking (7)sleeping (3)bathing (3)Religious Activitiespilgrimage (2)Misc. Activitiesabduction (1)begging (1)Visual Worksvisual works by medium and formpaintingpainting by formkakemono (196)makimono (4)printmakingprints by formoban (167)hosoban (61)chuban (22)book plate (21)hashira-e (9)tanzaku (9)aiban (7)tate-e (5)koban (3)nagaban (3)fan print (2)gafu (1)miscellaneous printing termssurimono (70)egoyomi (1)prints by techniquebokashi (1)fukusei (1)polyptychtriptych (55)diptych (27)pentaptych (2)hexaptych (1)tetraptych (1)shikishi (1)visual works by image formviewsbirds-eye view (4)tattoo (2)uki-e (2)harimaze (1)visual works by subjectJapanese printmaking subjectsyakusha-e (172)bijinga (21)portrait (144)landscape (111)water (11)harbor (3)stream (2)mountain (13)hill (1)beach (3)shore (3)human habitationcity (7)shunga (6)seascape (3)interior (1)okubi-e (1)Peoplepeople by genderwoman (119)girl (6)man (31)boy (1)people by ageyouthchild (53)adultelder (1)people by state or conditionforeigner (48)hero (25)ghost (9)lovers (7)concubine (1)Transportation objectsboat (40)carriage (5)palanquin (4)gig (2)hot air balloon (2)train (1)
Objectsfan (36)Weaponsbow (8)axe (4)cannon (1)screen (4)book (1)Animals and Plantsanimalvertebratefish (35)carp (13)goldfish (1)koi (1)trout (1)bird (17)Shorebirdscrane (3)cormorant (2)heron (1)stork (1)Other Birdspeacock (3)chickenrooster (3)pheasant (2)kingfisher (1)nighthawk (1)parrot (1)quail (1)Perching Birdssparrow (3)finchcanary (1)crow (1)magpie (1)Waterfowlgoose (2)duck (1)Birds of Preyfalcon (1)mammalhorse (14)dog (9)fox (7)wolf (2)tanuki (1)cat (7)tiger (6)leopard (2)lion (2)bat (3)monkey (3)pigboar (2)elephant (2)rat (2)bovinebuffalowater buffalo (2)camel (1)goat (1)mouse (1)ox (1)rabbit (1)sheep (1)amphibiantoad (2)frog (1)mythological animaldragon (11)demon (7)Physical Science Phenomenaweathersnow (32)wave (13)cloud (5)plant (8)bamboo (7)treemaple tree (6)willow tree (5)flowerplum blossom (6)wisteria (4)iris (3)peony (3)chrysanthemum (2)hibiscus (2)morning glory (2)camellia (1)narcissus (1)rose (1)grainrice (3)bonsai (1)fruitcherry (1)grape (1)vegetableeggplant (1)fern (1)grass (1)Musical Instrumentsstring instrumentlute (1)zitherkoto (6)qin (2)fiddlecello (1)percussion instrumentdrum (7)bell (1)wind instrumentflute (7)shakuhachi (1)reed instrumentsheng (1)sho (1)Astronomical Bodies and Eventsmoon (19)sun (2)seasonautumn (18)winter (11)summer (7)spring (5)Activities, Disciplines and EventsEventsbattle (17)Holidays (1)celebration (11)festival (9)Life Eventsdeath (1)marriage (1)DisciplinesOccult disciplinesmagic (1)Scientific disciplinesmedicine (1)physics (1)bridge (16)

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Shunga scene