30 objects

Tea bowl


Tea caddy with two lugs, in Oribe style

<p>Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Concave base. Two lugs. White slip extending slightly below clear glaze. Under-glaze iron painted decoration over shoulder and much of body, showing brush strokes; on one side, flying geese and pattern resembling &#8220;tie-dyed&#8221; textile, painted in reserve; on opposite side, vertical faceting and incising. Potter&#8217;s mark incised on &#8230;</p>

Kyoto ware jar with design of phoenixes and paulownia crests

<p>Jar. Gold lacquer repairs. Black lacquer cover. Clay: hard, sonorous, beige. Stained where exposed at base. Glaze: translucent fish-roe crackle. Decoration: in green, blue and red enamels, and gold, over glaze. Gold lost in areas. Pair of phoenixes, five paulownia crests, kashiwa leaves and grasses, and vinescroll motif. Seal and inscription.</p>