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Physical Science Phenomenaweathersnow (394)wave (48)cloud (47)Transportation objectsboat (68)rickshaw (3)train (2)automobile (1)carriage (1)sleigh (1)visual works by subjectlandscape (54)mountain (32)Mount Fuji (19)cliff (1)mount hokkada (1)water (26)river (16)lake (10)waterfall (7)stream (5)pond (4)canal (3)hot spring (1)beach (4)island (4)park (1)shore (1)ukiyo-e (42)Japanese printmaking subjectsbijinga (7)yakusha-e (2)musha-e (1)nocturne (6)portrait (6)human habitationvillage (4)city (2)town (1)Visual Worksvisual works by medium and formpolyptychtriptych (52)diptych (1)printmakingprints by formkoban (29)gafu (13)oban (13)chuban (6)tate-e (4)hosoban (2)tanzaku (2)yoko-e (1)miscellaneous printing termssurimono (4)egoyomi (1)prints by techniquebokashi (2)shikishi (1)visual works by image formsilhouette (3)abstract (1)caricature (1)Activities, Disciplines and EventsEventsbattle (41)Sino-Japanese War (2)Russo-Japanese War (1)Life Eventsdeath (2)Peoplepeople by genderwoman (41)girl (1)man (8)Time of Daynight (36)morning (6)evening (2)Animals and Plantsanimal (3)vertebratemammal (1)bovinebuffalowater buffalo (1)birdOther Birdschicken (1)kingfisher (3)peacock (3)woodpecker (2)turkey (1)Shorebirdsstork (3)gull (2)sandpiper (2)snipe (2)crane (1)pelican (1)plover (1)Perching Birdsjay (2)waxwing (2)bluebird (1)finch (1)flycatcher (1)swallow (1)warbler (1)wren (1)fishcatfish (2)bream (1)carp (1)minnow (1)amphibianfrog (1)mythological animaldemon (3)place of worshiptemple (30)shrine (22)Astronomical Bodies and Eventsmoon (27)sun (3)sunset (1)

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