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Goshikihara, from the series Twelve Scenes of the Japan Alps

<p>The &#8220;jizuri&#8221; (self-produced) seal is printed in the left-hand margin, followed by the date and title. English title and artist&#8217;s signature in English is penciled in the bottom margin. The artist&#8217;s signature is written in ink within the image with the small oblong seal &#8220;Hiroshi&#8221; below.</p>

Bamboo in the snow

<p>Hanging scroll, paulownia inner box with inscribed lid, stained/lacquered wood outer box end with end door.</p>

Nested set of three dishes with cover

<p>Nested set of three round, straight-sided dishes (a: bottom, b: middle, c: top) with cover (d); low, broad, slightly concave foot, unglazed; cover slightly domed with slightly concave center medallion. Clay: white porcelain; bisque surfaces dirty. Glaze: clear with aqua tint on all but fitting surfaces and foot-rim; imperfect, especially inside with many &#8220;pin-holes,&#8221; black &#8230;</p>