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Mino ware tea-ceremony water jar

<p>Brown clay. String-cut flat base. Two thick, horizontal handles. Sculpted with vertical slashes, horizontal incised lines; underglaze iron painted decoration of pine tree on one side, willow tree on the other. Translucent light brown ash glaze; base glazed except in center. Circular scar from clay firing ring in glaze in bottom; four scars around edge &#8230;</p>

Hagi ware sake bottle with faceted sides

<p>Sake bottle with faceted sides. Clay: hard, dense, grayish. Glaze: brilliant blended cream, pink, gray, and blue; finely crackled; slightly iridescent. Rice-straw ash glaze. Inscription on base, in ink.</p>

Basin, used as tea ceremony water jar

<p>Gray clay, dark brown on surface. Clear glaze, crackled, appearing brown over heavily reduced body; rim dipped into rice-straw ash glaze tinted with copper (reduced to red), which runs down in uneven trails. Red lacquer repairs to worn areas on rim. Black lacquer lid.</p>