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9 objects

Inkstone box, with scene from The Tale of Genji, Chapter 10

<p>This lacquer box depicts in gold and silver maki-e a solitary noble person&#8217;s carriage in a deserted autumn field. The interior of the lid and base continue the theme of solitude associated with autumn, with a scene of pine trees along a shoreline with a silver crescent moon above. The box contains an inkstone and &#8230;</p>

Katata no rakugan (Geese Descending at Katata), from Eight Views of Omi Province

<p>The wide expanse of Lake Biwa is in the foreground. The boats of fishermen lead toward a village on the shore. More sailing boats and ranges of trees are visible in the distance, where imposing mountains rise. A flock of geese descend from the dark, cloudy sky, seeking the distant shore.</p>