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Mino ware Oribe style square serving dish with bail handle

<p>Buff clay, partially tinted with iron pigment, shaped on cloth-lined mold. Four loop feet on base. Under clear glaze only, decoration of bleaching cloth and scattered plum blossoms on inside, stripes and wavelike scroll on outside, painted in iron pigment and white slip. Combed undulating line on bail handle. Clear glaze and copper-tinted green ash &#8230;</p>


<p>Off-white clay. Three small cylindrical feet on base. Underglaze iron painted decoration of trailing vines on shoulder, trellis on body, palmlike band on bail handle, ferns on lid. Feldspathic glaze, glossy thick and white; think coat of glaze on base; inside glazed. Circular scar in glaze around perimeter of base. Clay: coarse gray stoneware; fired &#8230;</p>

Round dish with flat foliate rim and fluted cavetto, Mino ware, Shino type

<p>Light buff clay. Underglaze iron painted decoration of large blossom or leaf. Feldspathic glaze, glossy and cream colored in tone, with unmelted drops of glaze scattered across surface of plate. Irregular marks on base just inside low, rounded foot rim</p>

Individual serving dish with flat foliate rim

<p>Buff clay. Trimmed foot rim. Incised decoration of donkey and rider on shore of lake in center, flowers and grasses in cavetto; combing on flat rim; hand-cut foliation on edge of rim. Copper-tinted green ash glaze of uneven flow; foot unglazed; three round spur marks inside foot rim.</p>

Individual serving dish with design of flowering quince, Mino ware, Shino type

<p>Buff clay. Three loop feet on base; glaze wiped off bottoms. Underglaze iron painted decoration of flowering plant in center; two geometric motifs alternating around outer edge of rim. White feldspathic glaze, thick, glossy and coarsely crackled; orange areas on rim where glaze is thin. On base, three large spur marks in glaze; in bottom, &#8230;</p>

Individual serving dish (mukozuke) with squared rim

<p>Light gray clay. Three loop feet. Translucent feldspathic glaze covering iron slip, appearing reddish brown where glaze is thin, gray where glaze is thick. Central design of bush clover incised through iron slip. Three large round spur marks on base adjacent to feet. l</p>

Mino ware Yellow Seto style individual serving bowl with plum-blossom design

<p>Buff clay. Basket-weave pattern incised in three equidistant places around everted rim, alternating with sketchily incised lines splashed with iron and copper sulfate pigments; incised design of plum blossom and branches in botttom traced with copper and iron. Light yellow ash glaze, opaque and granular, covering base except for circualar scar from clay firing ring &#8230;</p>