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ActivitiesCultural and Entertainment Activities (1)Fashionhairstyle (1)game playingkotori (1)Kudo ("Way of Incense") (1)sightseeing (1)Daily Activitiestravel (104)work (62)fishing (54)commerce (40)farming (30)harvesting (5)silk farming (5)irrigation (1)cooking (16)building (4)washing (4)textile workweaving (4)sewing (3)spinning (textile) (2)dyeing (1)teaching (3)trade (2)wood-gathering (2)herb gathering (1)playing (36)drinking (34)bathing (26)reading (22)eating (18)restaurant (1)sleeping (14)dreaming (5)food preparation (2)Religious Activitiespilgrimage (9)prayer (8)meditation (3)preaching (2)worship (2)miracle (1)Misc. Activitiesprotest (5)abduction (2)begging (2)leisure (2)calisthenics (1)medical practices (1)people by occupation or activityactor (416)warrior (19)samurai (7)ronin (1)courtesan (17)geisha (11)musician (7)poet (7)attendant (4)fisherman (3)scholar (3)farmer (2)acrobat (1)equestrian (1)horseman (1)hunter (1)student (1)visual works by subjectukiyo-e (337)Japanese printmaking subjectsyakusha-e (228)bijinga (18)portrait (163)landscape (41)mountain (27)cliff (1)hill (1)Mount Meru (1)water (19)ocean (8)waterfall (7)hot spring (4)lake (4)stream (4)beach (11)island (2)park (1)human habitationcity (9)village (1)nocturne (6)interior (2)okubi-e (1)seascape (1)shunga (1)still life (1)Information FormsDocument GenresDocument Genres for Literary WorksliteraturedramasJapanese dramatic formskabuki (239)Noh (135)poems (15)poems by formJapanese poetic formshaiku (8)couplet (1)ghost stories (1)Seals and InscriptionssealSeal useartist seal (1)Peoplepeople by genderwoman (132)man (43)boy (1)people in religionholy man (1)Visual Worksvisual works by medium and formprintmakingprints by formoban (96)hosoban (49)chuban (10)koban (7)gafu (5)aiban (3)tate-e (3)hashira-e (2)tanzaku (1)yoko-e (1)miscellaneous printing termssurimono (19)hanshita-e (6)prints by techniquebokashi (1)polyptych (1)tetraptych (1)paintingpainting by formkakemono (73)makimono (1)illustrated (2)shikishi (2)visual works by image formsilhouette (6)uki-e (2)viewsbirds-eye view (1)caricature (1)Transportation objectsboat (58)palanquin (8)carriage (4)cart (1)rickshaw (1)Astronomical Bodies and Eventsmoon (40)sun (4)sunrise (2)people by ageyouthchild (37)adultelder (2)Time of Daynight (35)morning (2)Musical Instrumentsstring instrumentluteshamisen (32)biwa (3)zither (3)qin (2)fiddlekokyu (1)wind instrumentflute (22)panpipe (1)reed instrumentsheng (1)percussion instrumentdrum (21)bell (2)cymbal (1)

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