[X] Muromachi period (1333 - 1573) [X] Japanese Art
89 objects

Tea caddy

<p>Buff clay, darkened on surface by use. Diagonal indentation on shoulder, probably accidental. String-cut base, worn smooth. Mottled iron glaze nearly black where thick, rust brown where thin. Inside unglazed except for accidental spills of glaze inside mouth.</p>


<p>Light gray clay, flushing orange where glaze was wiped away around edge of base. Single line incised at base of neck; with comb, four lines incised below neck, two lines at shoulder, and four lines below shoulder. Pale green ash glaze of somewhat irregular thickness, with several beads of bright green around edge of base &#8230;</p>

Tenmoku tea bowl

<p>Buff clay concealed by iron wash. Ash glaze applied over overall iron slip, appearing opaque yellow-brown speckled with dark brown, ending evenly slightly below midline of body. Metal rim; brown lacquer repairs.</p>