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Fragment of unglazed clay dish used as stacking tool

<p>Fragment of unglazed clay dish used as stacking tool (hazamizara); on interior, fragment of small ash-glazed dish with rounded sides (maruzara), separated from hazamizara by clay stacking ring. Glaze: unglazed stacking too, fragment of small ash-glazed dish.</p>

Two plain Shino-glazed plates

<p>Two plain Shino-glazed plates (the most common type of Shino ware) with a tiny ash-glazed plate (sara) on top; Plates separated by three cone-shaped pins, with a clay ring at the bottom of the stack (this stacking procedure used only for Shino ware); Seemingly a complete sagger-load, since fragments of saggers adhere to both top &#8230;</p>

Imperial Anthology, Kokinshu

<p>Scroll, consisting of 11 sheets of poems removed from backs of 4 doors, F1903.138-141, inclusive. Makimono.</p>