[X] Edo period (1615 - 1868) [X] Japanese Art
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Sake bottle




Tea caddy, katatsuki type

<p>Tea caddy (chaire) Ivory cover. String-cut foot. Clay: hard, dense, coarse. Orange on surface. Glaze: thick leather-brown, iron glaze, with panel of ash glaze. Interior unglazed. Weight 147.94 grams.</p>

Tea caddy, katatsuki type

<p>Tea caddy, with ivory cover. Clay: hard, dense, gray. Glaze: copper-brown under thin veiling of metallic black of dull lustre, broadly splashed with yellow and black, finely crackled.</p>

Tamba ware bottle for candy pellets

<p>Clay: dense, grayish. Dark brown on surface. Glaze: deep cream [white slip] on shoulder; neutral olive-yellow touched with brown, on lower body. Decoration: in red and blue enamel and gilding, over glaze. Cherry blossoms and petals scattered over shippo lattice.</p>