52 objects

Straight chisel (gui圭) with face and bird

<p>Ceremonial implement of the type kuei [gui ]; short narrow form with beveled end and perforated handle; mottled dark olive brown, reddish brown, olive green, and orange; decoration: in sensible relief and channeled, a demon head on one side, a spread eagle on reverse, triple grooves across handle; dull luster.</p>

Straight chisel (gui 圭)

<p>Ceremonial implement; chisel shaped object of the type kuei [gui ]; long slender form with perforation in the squared handle; edges rounded; broadly beveled at one end; closely mottled cream and light tan; decoration: a band of channeled and incised lines; smooth surface. Acquired with an inscribed box.</p>

Straight chisel (gui 圭)

<p>Ceremonial implement; one complete perforation and a partial perforation on each side; color: deep cream and soft light brown, with a few streaks of darker brown. Acquired with a box, whose cover was inscribed by Yuan Lizhun (18771935).</p>

Ornament (shi 飾) with face and masks

<p>An ornament of reddish nephrite shading to gray green; somewhat translucent; one surface decorated with low relief mostly linear; four holes for attachment.</p>