[X] Chinese Art [X] Anyang period (ca. 1300 - ca. 1050 BCE)

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457 objects

Pendant in the form of a dragon

<p>Ornament; flat sickle-shaped pendant in form of stylized dragon, round perforation for eye and incision for mouth, smaller perforation for cord; translucent grayish green with dark gray clouding; areas of cream-colored disintegration and earth incrustation; red stain.</p>

Ancestor tablet

<p>Handle; dagger shaped; semitranslucent, cream white with gray areas on one side; slight earth incrustations; decoration: incised lines. (End broken and cracked.) Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

Dagger-axe (ge 戈) with bird, fragment reworked

<p>Miniature blade. Ornament in form of miniature curved blade with two conical perforations drilled from the same side; gray and terra cotta color with traces of ochre stain; blade beveled, handle in form of crested bird, decoration incised on one side, in relief on the other; satin smooth surface except for area of granular white &#8230;</p>

Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

<p>Miniature blade; chalky white incrustation with traces of cream color showing through in worn spots; blade bevelled; butt decorated with bands of vertical and horizontal incised lines, conical perforations bored from one side in center of butt. (Blade edge badly chipped and broken.)</p>

Yoke rattle


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment

<p>Ceremonial implement: Fragment of a ko [ge] blade. Roughly chisel shaped object with irregularly rounded top; conical perforation bored from both sides; opaque, light tan on one surface; rich cream color on opposite surface; decoration: incised, both sides alike. Groups of short lines along the top; surface unusually smooth and unctuous. Chipped. Acquired with &#8230;</p>

Dagger-axe (ge 戈)

<p>Large emblematic weapon of the type ko [ge] (Broken in two and mended; one chip missing). Mottled gray, black and brownish nephrite, somewhat translucent; decorative band of parallel and criss-cross lines engraved on the butt of the blade; a conical perforation in the tang; inscription of thirty characters. Acquired with a wooden box, lid &#8230;</p>