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visual works by subjectlandscape (686)water (196)waterfall (52)ocean (15)lake (11)stream (2)riverYangzi River (1)Yellow River (1)mountain (247)cliff (3)hill (3)Mount Meru (3)Five Sacred Mountains (1)Mount Emei (1)Mount Jing (1)cave (15)island (6)shore (2)portrait (101)self portrait (1)figure (43)still life (13)bird and flower (10)mythological subject (3)Queen Mother of the West (3)Duke Father of the East (1)human habitationvillage (2)city (1)bird and animal (1)Four Gentlemen (1)interior (1)seascape (1)Peoplepeople by genderman (86)woman (39)Transportation objectsboat (81)dragon boat (2)chariotaxle cap linchpin (1)cart (1)visual works by stylestyles by medium and regionpainting stylesAsiaEast AsiaEast Asian painting stylesChinese painting stylesblue-and-green style (75)baimiao style (19)seasonwinter (67)autumn (28)spring (13)summer (6)plant (1)plantain (1)fruitpomegranate (1)flowertulip (1)vegetable (1)Architecture and Placesarchitecture (3)villaWangchuan Villa (3)bridge (47)Animals and Plantsanimal (6)mythological animaldemon (6)monster (5)phoenix (4)chimera (1)naga (1)qilin (1)vertebratemammalox (5)monkey (4)gibbon (2)bovinecowbull (3)buffalo (1)camel (3)catlion (3)leopard (1)bat (2)bear (2)dog (2)goat (2)human (2)head (1)donkeymule (2)rabbit (2)sheep (2)elephant (1)fish (4)amphibiantoad (4)birdPerching Birdsmynah bird (3)swallow (2)crow (1)Birds of Preyeagle (2)hawk (1)Other Birdskingfisher (2)peacock (1)quail (1)chickenrooster (1)Shorebirdscormorant (1)heron (1)stork (1)Waterfowlswan (1)
people by occupation or activityscholar (38)attendant (13)poet (6)Du Fu (712-770) (2)Li Bai (701-762) (2)Wang Wei (2)Chen Zi'ang (661-702) (1)Meng Haoran (ca. 689-740) (1)Meng Jiao (751-814) (1)Sikong Shu (died ca. 790) (1)Sun Ti (ca. 699-ca. 761) (1)Xiao Yi (507-555) (1)Zhao Shixiu (act. late 12th-early 13th century) (1)horseman (4)fisherman (3)shepherd (1)warrior (3)artist (2)musician (2)Physical Science Phenomenacloud (36)weathersnow (28)rain (8)wind (3)wave (7)ActivitiesDaily Activitiestravel (35)work (3)herb gathering (2)commerce (1)cooking (1)teaching (1)washing (1)playing (6)reading (4)sleeping (4)dreaming (1)eating (3)drinking (2)bathing (1)Cultural and Entertainment Activitiessporthunting (10)music (9)writing (4)game playing (1)dance (2)calligraphy (1)flower arranging (1)Religious Activitiesmeditation (2)miracle (2)prayer (1)ObjectsFurniture and Furnishingsfurniturechair (18)couch (3)throne (1)furnishingcarpet (15)fan (3)Weaponsaxe (1)fly whisk (1)screen (1)people in governmentprince (18)court officialcourtier (7)rulermonarchemperor (5)empress (2)king (1)princess (1)viceroyregent (1)Musical Instrumentsstring instrumentzither (6)lute (3)wind instrumentflute (5)reed instrumentsheng (2)percussion instrumentbell (2)drum (2)cymbal (1)Writing Processescalligraphic scriptsEast Asian calligraphic scriptsrunning script (13)cursive script (2)standard script (2)seal script (1)lettering (1)Information FormsSeals and InscriptionssealSeal typerelief seal (12)inscription (6)Document GenresDocument Genres for Literary Worksliteraturepoems (10)Identifying Artifactsbadgerank badge (1)rock (11)garden rock (5)
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