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Luohans Moving Through Forests and Sea

<p>In this painting two luohan crossing the sea, one riding a dragon and another a turtle, are greeted by an emperor-like figure holding a scholar&#8217;s tablet, bowing in respect. A servant carries a tripod vessel on his head as a gift. The scroll ends with three women at the door of an underwater palace.</p>

Palace Ladies by a Lotus Pond

<p>Signature at lower left; total of 27 seals (17 on painting), four inscriptions (poems) on painting, five colophons, no labels. Unused frontispiece with cloud motif. Ivory pin. Depicting a scene of women, children and servants (total of fifteen figures) engaged in various activities, including playing weiqi and playing musical instruments, both inside and outside a &#8230;</p>


<p>Polychrome. Clay: fine-grained white porcelain. Glaze: transparent, glossy. Decoration: in colored enamels over glaze; a landscape with palaces; poem of 14 characters; 3 simulated seals; 4 character Qianlong mark in blue enamel on base.</p>