[X] Neolithic period (ca. 7000 - ca. 1700 BCE) [X] Chinese Art

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337 objects

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Thin perforated disc of the type pi [bi] ; translucent, mottled light golden browns and pale yellowish green; outer edge uneven and much thinner than at perforation; several dark strata cracks. Acquired with a box, now lost. (Jenny F. So, Jade Project Database, March 24, 2009) Possibly late Neolithic. Coarse grained material, light golden brown &#8230;</p>

Ornament (shi 飾) with mask and headdress

<p>The semi-human face has a pronounced bulbous nose in relief; almond-shaped eyes with incised outlines; fangs pointing both up and down; mouth revealing two rows of teeth; tall ornamented headdress; mottled green jade with white marbling; multiple holes at the bottom of the face. (Condition: Roughly carved around back of suspension holes and on left &#8230;</p>

Tubular head ornament

<p>Armlet (?) irregular cylinder; flared at one end, one side elongated; undecorated; translucent yellow-green. (Interior cracks; chips one end.)</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>The markings on the interior of the central perforation indicate that it was worked from both sides. There are irregularities in the outer edges of the disk. Several chips in the edge, which is rough. Also: Surface cracks and scratches. The inner hole is roughly carved and nicked.</p>

Axe (fu 斧)

<p>The rectangular axe blade of mottled jade is slightly splayed toward the blunt, not quite symmetrically curved edge. The butt end of the axe blade is straight. Two conical perforations are placed asymmetrically, off center, at the butt end of the axe blade. (Surface dirt in general; bottom cutting edge nicked in one place.)</p>

Harvesting knife (hu 笏) with geometric decoration, fragment

<p>Gray green with beige clouds. Irregular rectangle, one end and part of cutting edge broken off. Two holes pierced near back edge and one at mid end. Beautifully notched teeth at the opposite edge with weak engraved lines forming a design on either side. Traces of depressions in center, also outlined by weakly engraved lines.</p>

Harvesting knife (hu 笏)

<p>The object is of commanding size. It is trapezoidal in shape. The lower edge is marked by slightly diminished thickness, but it does not become a true cutting edge. The sides too, which are serrated to form flanges, are thinned out leaving the central area as almost a relief panel. Here the decoration, identical on &#8230;</p>


<p>Object in form of oval rod surmounted by thick semicircular knob; mottled tones of reddish brown partially covered with gray and cream areas of incipient disintegration; decoration: carved in low relief, a chevronlike form on each side of the knob; surface smooth and lustrous. Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; biconically bored, leaving slight median ridge; mottled light and dark gray on obverse; reddish-brown and yellow spots on reverse; both sides almost covered with chalky white decomposition; proportions irregular; surface rough from erosion. (Old chips and breaks.) Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>


<p>Bracelet, with slightly flattened sides and rounded outer surface; mottled yellow green, tan, and browns; sprinkled with milky white areas of incipient disintegration, more profuse in inner surface; proportions uneven; some tool marks on rim. Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

One-tier tube (cong 琮) with masks

<p>Tubular ring with four angles slightly projecting, a variation of the type ts&#8217;ung [cong] , possibly a bracelet; translucent, mottled creams, browns, and traces of gray green; light sprinklings of incipient disintegration; decoration: channeled and in low relief; four rectangles with t&#8217;ao-t&#8217;ieh [taotie] masks carved in two planes and meeting in center of face. &#8230;</p>

Disk (bi 璧) with incised glyph and decorated edge

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored from both sides, leaving rough median ridge; darkly mottled green and golden brown; bluish-gray frosting and veins of incipient disintegration; scattered granular pittings; decoration: lightly incised, a device on obverse, birds, arrows and geometric pattern around outer rim. Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

Disk (bi 璧) with knobs

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored from both sides, leaving slight median ridge; richly mottled olive greens and tan to golden browns with scattered, lighter, translucent strata, small blackish area near rim on one side only; profuse delicate veinings with earth incrustations; decoration: grain pattern in form of semi circular knobs in &#8230;</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored mostly from one side; mottled light to dark shades of brown with scattered spots of greenish translucent strata; profuse grayish coating of disintegration, especially in veins and breaks; proportions and surface contours uneven. (Rim and some surface areas roughened with chips and cracks.) Acquired with a &#8230;</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored from both sides, leaving pronounced median ridge; closely mottled shades of green and golden to dark browns with spots of translucent strata; partially covered with smooth gray incipient disintegration; long shallow gouges or saw marks on both surfaces. (Rim rough and broken in several areas.) Acquired &#8230;</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored conically leaving ridge near edge; mottled rich greens with brown veins and silvery strata; some areas of white disintegration on obverse, more plentiful on reverse; proportions irregular. (Rim slightly chipped and one break.) Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

Arc-shaped pendant (huang 璜), made from a disk (bi 璧)

<p>Semi circular plaque of the type huang ; inner curve conically bored; obverse: closely mottled olive and yellow greens with golden brown roughened areas near outer rim; reverse: mottled yellow browns with traces of greens, surface roughened and discolored with incipient disintegration; four functional holes. (Rim chipped and worn.) Acquired with a box, now lost.</p>

Disk (bi 璧)

<p>Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] ; bored from both sides; rich cream color with tan mottlings and an area at the rim on both sides of bright orange-brown; irregular in circumference and thickness. (Three rough areas on rim.)</p>