Classification: Metalwork

18 objects


Lobed bowl with lion, foliage and a ring of raised dots

Small, low bowl with a short, broad, ring foot. Twelve shallow radial lobes slope up to form the sides of the bowl, with their rounded ends meeting in the central area of the interior surface to form a scalloped-edged medallion. Within the medallion is a depiction of a lion with two leaf forms encircled by …


Garment pin

Dog Figurine

Oval Bowl

Spouted vessel with lynx protome

Rhyton with slender steep horn rising to outturned and folded-over rim; attached to separately made protome in the form of the head and forepart of a lynx. Ring covers join of horn and protome. Forelegs of animal made separately and set into body. Spout projects from chest of animal between legs. Rim, turned over and …


Spouted vessel with gazelle protome

Rhyton with compact horn and protome in the form of a gazelle’s head. A small tubular spout, damaged, protudes from the mouth. The lower part of the horn is fluted; on the upper part of the horn, above the scalloped edge of the fluting, is a bifurcated file of animals approaching a central tree: recumbent …