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Two-handled; heavy foot. Rim broken. Repairs.


Aten cartouche

Amulet in the shape of a cartouche. The glaze is a deep cobalt blue.Two holes at either end enter on the edge and exit on the back of the amulet near the edge. The cartouche is one of the two cartouches used for the Aten and is translated: Re-Harakhti lives, rejoicing in the horizon.


Horus falcon on shrine-shaped coffin

Oblong bronze pedestal (probably serving as coffin for a small mummified animal) surmounted by a Horus falcon wearing the Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. Coffin apparently retains its contents. Surface: mingled green and brown patina.


Pectoral amulet depicting the god Anubis

Faience pectoral amulet. Perforated horizontally for stringing, shrine-shaped plaque. The top border of the shrine is modeled and accented with black, but the other details are painted in black beneath the final coat of glaze. The central design is surrounded by a border. The border pattern on the top and sides consists of two narrow …


Amulet of a goddess, perhaps Sakhmet

Striding figure of either the Memphite goddess Sakhmet or the goddess Bastet. This anthropomorphic deity combines the body of a woman and the head of a lioness. The figure strides upon a rectangular base with her left foot forward. She wears an ankle-length sheath gown and tripartite wig; on her head is a sun disc …