Classification: Painting

49 objects

The Ocean Wave

Clouds drifting close to the water; a beach indicated in the foreground; signed with the butterfly at lower right.



Blue sea with a long pier meets a blue sky with pink, lavender, and cream clouds, with a beach indicated in the foreground; unsigned.


Venice Harbor

A view across the water to buildings and sailing vessels, including, at the extreme right, two sailboats, one with a red and yellow sail; signed with the butterfly at lower left corner.


St. Ives: Cornwall

A long curving beach with a group of buildings in the middle distance at left, and, at right, the sea; signed with butterfly at right, near edge.


St. Ives: Sunset

A seascape at sunset, with several sailboats at the left, and above them a bird in flight; unsigned.


London Bridge

A view of the bridge, with river craft near it; masts beyond and to the left; unsigned.


Note in Blue and Opal–Jersey

In the foreground, a flat beach at low tide; in the distance, points of land running into the water; signed with the butterfly at the lower left.


Southend Pier

Groups of people walking at the water’s edge; a long pier in the distance; signed with the butterfly to right of center, near figure in blue.


The Angry Sea