Classification: Sculpture

2,202 objects

Figure of Kyogen performer in role of Sambaso

Buff clay. Hand formed, hollow. Incised and stamped designs on costume. Square seal “Rakurakuen-sei” (product of Rakurakuen) impressed near hem of garment, on proper right side of figure. Yellow ash glaze on garment and feet; bluish clear glaze on face; iron glaze on cap and in pupils of eyes.


Image of seated Kannon

Clay: hard, dense, grayish-white. Porcelain. Glaze: flesh parts – unglazed, covered by brown patina; robe -blue enamel with black decoration; cowl – silvered enamel with gold decoration; ornaments – gilded; rock – red brown (lacquer over gold foil).


Seated Kannon and dragon

Clay: hard, gray Glaze: cream-white, crackled. Decoration: in gold, turquoise-green and light red, over glaze.


Figure of Shoki the Demon Queller, Rakurakuen ware

Cream clay. Hand formed, hollow. Square seal “Rakurakuen-sei” (product of Rakurakuen) impressed on inside of hem edge at back of figure. Yellow ash glaze. Repairs to sword, hair, hem, and sleeves; demon’s horns missing.


Figure of Suigetsu Kannon

Clay: hard, dense, grayish. Darkened on surface. Glaze: figure – celadon, crackled; face, hands, and foot – thin brown (iron wash).



Figurine: Front half, hollow; a perforated pin at the back for attachment. Surface: much worn; black patina.


Enthroned Buddhist divinity with halo

Statuette: a Buddhist divinity, haloed and enthroned. Surface: dark brown patina, earthy incrustation. Decoration: in low relief.