Classification: Painting

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Shiva and Parvati, folio from a Rasamanjari

Close to the image are two thin black lines framing the image. Against a red background, on the left, Shiva walk with Parvati past a large tree. On the right, the couple lie down on a tiger skin. Yellow border.


Rama and Lakshman with the sage Vishvamitra, folio from a Ramayana

The scene takes place outside Ayodhya, in the uncultivated forest zone where ascetics dwell. The boys raise their hands respectfully as they listen to the divine sage Vishvamitra, who has brought them to the forest zone in order to kill the demons who disturb holy men. Vishvamitra wears an animal skin over one shoulder and …


The sage-physician Dhanvantari, folio from a Bhagavata Purana

Dressed in the fashion of a nobleman at the court of Shah Jahan, the divine sage Dhanvantari wears a white jama and a gold-bordered patka (sash) adorned with a large flower motif. His beard is white, his face wrinkled with age, and he wears a Vaishnava tilak mark on his forehead. He sits on a …