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Folio of calligraphy

Page of calligraphy; text: Persian in black nasta’liq script written in cloud bands on cream-tinted paper; verso: text, Sincere advice from a father to his son, one column, six lines; stamp; recto: blank. Border: The text is set in gold and black rulings and is mounted on blue-green paper board with both floral and animal …


Washington Manuscript III – The Four Gospels (Codex Washingtonensis)

The Four Gospels, in one volume, bound in painted board covers (F1906.297-298). Small, sloping uncial writing in dark brown ink; one column; 30 lines to the page; 372 written pages on 187 leaves. For a full description, see: Sanders, Henry A. “Washington Manuscript of the Gospels” University of Michigan Humanistic Series, Vol. IX, Part l.