Classification: Container

696 objects

Lacquer box

Incense box in the shape of a turtle

Buff clay, flushing orange where glaze is thick or wiped off. Incised and modeled details. Yellow ash glaze, crackled. Mark. Cipher (kao) written in clear brown lacquer on underside of lid.


Pentagonal incense box in Oribe style

Fine-grained, reddish brown clay. Underglaze painted decoration in white slip and black iron pigment. Clear glaze, milky where thick; copper-green ash glaze on knob. Inside glazed; recessed base unglazed.


Kenzan-style Red Raku incense container with design of plum

Incense box (kogo) Clay: Raku-type earthenware Glaze: box: soapstone brown, with pinkish and grayish areas; cover: red, with thin whitish overflow Decoration: in white slip and iron pigment, under glaze. Branch of blossoming white plum (yariume).


Incense box in the shape of a rooster, in Oribe style

Buff clay. Stippling around comb and wattles; carved details on wings and tail. Clear glaze, coarsely crackled; splash of copper-green on comb; details of eyes, beak, and wings painted in underglaze iron.