Classification: Ceremonial Object

527 objects

Six-tier tube (cong 琮) with masks, probably recut

Tall, squared, hollow cylinder of the type ts’ung [cong] 琮; projecting collar at top and base; mottled rich browns, black, and yellowish tan; decoration: channeled and incised, vertical grooves on sides, horizontal notches, ridges, and circles at corners. (Slight surface defects.)


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

Miniature blade; chalky white incrustation with traces of cream color showing through in worn spots; blade bevelled; butt decorated with bands of vertical and horizontal incised lines, conical perforations bored from one side in center of butt. (Blade edge badly chipped and broken.)


Ancestor tablet

Handle; dagger shaped; semitranslucent, cream white with gray areas on one side; slight earth incrustations; decoration: incised lines. (End broken and cracked.) Acquired with a box, now lost.


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

Ceremonial weapon of the type ko [ge] 戈; light gray with green cast, pale yellow and blue mottlings; two conical perforations in the tang, drilled from opposite sides of the blade; incised and channeled lines on butt and tang; pointed end and two cutting edges. (Slightly chipped.)


Disk (bi 璧)

Perforated disk of the type pi [bi] 璧; bored from both sides; darkly mottled brown and olive green with reddish and yellow tints; irregular in thickness and circumference, unevenly cut leaving saw marks. (Three damaged areas on rim.)


Straight chisel (gui圭) with face and bird

Ceremonial implement of the type kuei [gui 圭]; short narrow form with beveled end and perforated handle; mottled dark olive brown, reddish brown, olive green, and orange; decoration: in sensible relief and channeled, a demon head on one side, a spread eagle on reverse, triple grooves across handle; dull luster.


Forked blade (zhang 璋)

Ceremonial implement of the type kuei [gui] 圭; long, wide form with bevelled end and perforation above handle; mottled pale cream and dark reddish brown with traces of black; smooth surface. (Slightly chipped, gouge at end of handle.)