Classification: Ceremonial Object

527 objects

Ancestor tablet

Handle (one corner chipped) of slightly translucent, dark, gray-green nephrite; the tang pierced for attachment.


Tube (cong 琮)

Cong; hollow with rectangular body and circular ends; marbled green color. (Top section broken off and rejoined, surface of repair has cement-like adhesion; surface of jade pitted, nicked, hairline cracks; corners have chips; some areas have flecks of silvery or quartz-like element.)


Notched disk

This enigmatic, notched disk with its perhaps star-gazing connotation is seen here in an unusual form since it has only two notches and two areas of serrations rather than the usual three. Also, the flesh is reduced by means of a rather large aperture. Still, the piece is of such perfect workmanship and such correct …


Notched disk

Disk with outer edge divided in three sections and flanged with notched single and double teeth; translucent gray-green large center hole. (In good condition, with slight surface adhesions.)


Notched disk

Disk; center hole, notched edge; divided into three sections; six projecting teeth each section; light green and cream. (Mostly calcified; surface pitted; old chip, few nicks in outer edge.)


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

Ceremonial weapon: blade. Opaque, buff colored surface with white and dark brown mottling over a large portion of both sides. The blade is flat, with a conical perforation between the shoulders and on each of the two projections at the top of the blade. The edges of the two projections and the space between them …


Dagger-axe (ge 戈), fragment reworked

Miniature curved blade (concave edge chipped; butt trimmed) of greenish white, translucent nephrite (?) with lilac spots; the two surfaces alike; one hole for suspension.