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An elephant runs amok
<p>Numerous attendants using firecrackers attempt to control a chained elephant. His mahout grips the elephant with his feet and hands as his hair sticks out in fright.</p>

The Darbar of Maharaja Bakhat Singh
<p>Darbar of Mirza Maharao Lakhpatiji of Kutch (r. 1741-1760) and Raja Bakhat Singh of Marwar-Nagaur (b.1706, ruled Nagaur 1725-50; Jodhpur.1751-2)</p>

Krishna bids farewell, folio from a Bhagavata Purana
<p>Krishna embraces his father in the upper left corner then proceeds on a palanquin with the Pandava brothers, led by an elephant and followed by musicians. Ladies pay homage to the procession from balconies overhead.</p>