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Steve Jobs
<p>Steve Jobs </p>

Religion in the Gallery
<p>Gregory Levine speaks on Zen art at &#8220;Religion in the Gallery,&#8221; held May 24, 2012.</p>


Freer Gallery of Art Celebrates a “Man Mad About Painting”
<p>In commemoration of the centennial of museum founder Charles Lang Freers death in 1919, and in celebration of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, the Freer Gallery of Art will showcase a yearlong exhibition on the compelling career of Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai: Mad about Painting will be on view Nov. 23 through Nov. 8, &#8230;</p>

Ars Orientalis 49
<p>Art-Historical Art &nbsp; Introduction: Art-Historical Art Nancy Micklewright The Art-Historical Art of Song China: Citation and Historicism in Tao Yuanming Returning to Seclusion Martin Powers &nbsp; Su Shi and Zhao Lingrang: Brush Ideas of Wang Wei Alfreda Murck Citing Wang Wei: Mi Youren and the Temporal Dimensions of Landscape Peter C. Sturman &nbsp; Past, Present, &#8230;</p>