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13 objects tea bowl

Mino ware tea bowl

Buff clay, reddish brown on part of surface on one side. String-cutting mark visible on trimmed foot rim. Yellow ash glaze, appearing olive-green where thick, stained brown in crackles, ending in beads. Inside of foot rim unglazed. On inside wall, single brown streak of iron; in bottom, pool of dark green glaze with opaque bluish …


Tea bowl in Korean style, Karatsu ware

Light brown clay, darkened on exposed surface. Clear glaze, gray-green and suffused with opalescent blue where thick. Glaze applied by dipping bowl three times, forming irregular outline around foot. Irregular patch of glaze on foot. Two gold lacquer repairs on lip and vertical crack.


Mino ware tea bowl

Buff clay. Foot trimmed in Jian-ware style. Ash glaze applied over iron slip, appearing golden brown edged with blackish brown; both glaze and slip ending evenly, well above foot; pool of blackish brown in bottom.


Agano ware tea bowl

Tea-bowl (chawan [Jpn]), tall, spirally corrugated cylindrical body, bottoms curving down to high thick foot. Clay: coarse, dark stoneware. Glaze: brownish running to pinkish gray and bluish gray where thick; fine crackle. Interior of foot glazed.


Individual serving bowl in style of Yellow Seto ware

Individual serving bowl. Clay: hard, ringing, grayish. Glaze: yellow over cream; thin overflows of brownish-olive. Underfired iron-ash glaze. On base, scar of clay ring used for stacking.


Mino ware tea bowl with design of gate and seedling pines

Buff clay. Hand-carved foot. Decoration of X-shaped gate and pine seedlings painted with underglaze iron slip; irregular poured shaped of iron slip. Thin feldspathic glaze applied by uneven ladling over walls and base, with portions of decorated surface left unglazed. Gold lacquer repairs.


Tea bowl

Accompanied by two wooden boxes, inscribed Ko-Oribe / Mutetsushi on the inner box, and also inscribed Oribe Kutsu / Mutetsushi shoji on the outer box.


Tenmoku tea bowl, fragment

Tea bowl fragment, type from late ogama kiln, cheracterized by foot rim. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: tenmoku.