19 objects tea bowl

Tea bowl with design of autumn grasses


Tea-bowl, ovoidal; deep flaring foot, notched. Clay: hard, dense, whitish. Glaze: lustrous warm cream, finely crackled. Decorations: floral, enameled in colors and gold, over glaze. Seal: Mimpei.


Tea bowl with design of chrysanthemums


Tea bowl, bulbous ovoidal; heavy foot. Clay: dense, gray-white. Glaze: pinkish gray-white, crackled, dappled with gold; black on rim. Decoration: embossed in thick white glaze.


Ofuke ware tea bowl in style of Vietnamese ware


Light gray clay, brown on surface, stained in areas around cracks. White slip; double coating of slip in bottom only. Underglaze painted in decoration in faint blue-gray cobalt: two horizontal lines at midpoint of body, single lines below rim and just above base, single ring in bottom; three floral sprays and three geometric designs paired, …


Shiga ware cylindrical tea bowl in Oribe style


White clay, pinkish buff where exposed. Decoration of grasses incised under clear brown wash; hatching incised under clear glaze (body indented in each area); and flower and grasses painted in black overglaze enamel. Kiln mark, “Shiga シカ,” in katakana syllables without frame, stamped on base inside foot rim. Thick iron wash over half, appearing dull …