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Ars Orientalis 49
<p>Art-Historical Art &nbsp; Introduction: Art-Historical Art Nancy Micklewright The Art-Historical Art of Song China: Citation and Historicism in Tao Yuanming Returning to Seclusion Martin Powers &nbsp; Su Shi and Zhao Lingrang: Brush Ideas of Wang Wei Alfreda Murck Citing Wang Wei: Mi Youren and the Temporal Dimensions of Landscape Peter C. Sturman &nbsp; Past, Present, &#8230;</p>
composite of two images. a dragon pendant on the left and an image of a dragon and warrior on the right

Royal Ontario Museum
<p>Chinese Collection at the Royal Ontario Museum The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is Canadas preeminent museum of art, culture and nature. The first Chinese object, a green-glazed vessel from the Han Dynasty was acquired by Charles Currelly (1876 &#8211; 1957), a University of Toronto professor and later the first director of the museum, in Cairos &#8230;</p>

2018-2019 Fellows in Residence
<p>Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow Zhi Chao Lyu Jinyuan Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China Chinese painting conservation Anne Van Biema Fellows Sonia Coman Columbia University, New York Freers Japanese Ceramics: The Formation and Diffusion of Discourses on Japanese Arts Aya Ryusawa Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan A Study on the Effect of Image Circulation &#8230;</p>
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Ars Orientalis 48
<p>The Language of Art History &nbsp; Introduction: Translation as Art History Sugata Ray Relics in Transition: Material Mediations in Changing Worlds Sraman Mukherjee &nbsp; Reproducing Chinese Painting: Revised Histories, Illustration Strategies, and the Self-Positioning of Guohua Painters in the 1930s Juliane Noth Double Take: Chinese Optics and their Media in Postglobal Perspective Jennifer Purtle &nbsp; &#8230;</p>

Past Fellows
<p>20102011 | 20112012 | 20122013 | 20132014 | 20142015 | 20152016 | 20162017 | 2017-2018 2017-2018 Fellows in Residence Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow Zhi Chao Lyu Jinyuan Culture Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Chinese painting conservation Ariah East Asia Fellow Hyo-Eun Park Institute for East-Asia Cultural Exchange, Korea University, Seoul, Korea Shitao&#8217;s Paintings and His &#8230;</p>
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Donate Your Photos
<p>We welcome your help in building this vital collection of photographs of Iran before 1945. Do you have individual images or albums of photographs taken in Iran before the mid-twentieth century? Please consider donating them to the Freer and Sackler Archives. Your contributions will help this website to grow and inform scholars, researchers, and interested &#8230;</p>
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Antoin Sevruguin and photographic manipulation
<p>In the last third of the nineteenth century, when photographer Antoin Sevruguin was at his most prolific level of production, glass plates were the dominant medium used to hold the light-sensitive emulsion needed to capture and retain photographic images. Even after film negatives became available in the late nineteenth century, glass plates remained in use &#8230;</p>

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