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Throat Singers from Tuva:
<p>Four virtuosos from the Siberian republic of Tuva astonished listeners with their overtone singing in this concert at the Freer Gallery. Each singers ability to produce multiple pitches at once draws on ancient pastoral music that invokes the rich sounds of nature, from waterfalls and babbling brooks to complex bird songs and the howling winds &#8230;</p>

Hundred Antiquities: Music From China
<p>Hear new music for Bronze Age bells, folk songs arranged by Pulitzer Prize winner Zhou Long, music from 11th-century Buddhist caves, and Hundred Antiquities by Grammy-nominated composer Zhou Tian, co-commissioned by the Freer and Sackler Galleries. This concert was presented in 2018 in conjunction with the exhibition Resound: Ancient Bells of China.</p>
Subodh Gupta: Terminal as installed in the Sackler gallery pavillion
Photo of detail, Disk (bi) with knobs, feline and dragon Ceremonial object

Gallery 19
detail, metalwork bird/drinking vessel
Five different imaging scans of the Cosmic Buddha
detail from a painting, F1902.22
detail, metalwork bird/drinking vessel

detail, the Peacock Room featuring The Princess painting
blue and white vases on gilded shelving in the green and blue peacock room
detail, fighting peacocks in the Peacock Room
Detail, Caprice in Purple and Gold: The Golden Screen, F1904.75a image

Gallery 11
Visitors at the Freer entrance

Gallery 8

Gallery 7

Gallery 6a

Iga Vase

Gallery 6