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Art Institute of Chicago
<p>Chinese Art in the Art Institute of Chicago The distinguished collection of Chinese art in the Art Institute of Chicago encompasses the full chronological and material scope of Chinese visual culture from the Neolithic period (circa 60002000 BCE) to the twentieth century. Particularly notable are the Buckingham collection of ancient Chinese bronzes ranging from the &#8230;</p>
detail, metalwork bird/drinking vessel

Anachronistic Artworks: Connecting Steampunk to Ancient Chinese Art
<p>For the past two years, I have been a member of the Teen Council at the Freer and Sackler. At our meetings, we have the opportunity to explore the collections and learn more about the works on view. One of my favorite objects can be related to a quirky genre of modern literature. In gallery &#8230;</p>

Meeting our Mentors
<p>When you visit an art museum, you might see objects worth far more than your college debt. You might encounter a gaggle of tourists taking selfies or sidestep a security guard who gives you a wary side-eye look. Sure, you could come upon all of these things while perusing the galleries, but have you ever &#8230;</p>

Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Director’s Letter
<p>In a world of intensifying global connections, kaleidoscopic perspectives, and virtual realities, where does one go to make sense of things? Museums are places where one can find ways&mdash;through seeing, comparing, and appreciating&mdash;to understand and appreciate varieties of human experience. Like maps, museums tell us both where to look and how to look. And just &#8230;</p>
a visitor looks at a japanese screen

Strategic Plan 2020-2025
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