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Shiga ware cylindrical tea bowl in Oribe style

White clay, pinkish buff where exposed. Decoration of grasses incised under clear brown wash; hatching incised under clear glaze (body indented in each area); and flower and grasses painted in black overglaze enamel. Kiln mark, “Shiga シカ,” in katakana syllables without frame, stamped on base inside foot rim. Thick iron wash over half, appearing dull …


Agano ware tea bowl

Tea-bowl (chawan [Jpn]), tall, spirally corrugated cylindrical body, bottoms curving down to high thick foot. Clay: coarse, dark stoneware. Glaze: brownish running to pinkish gray and bluish gray where thick; fine crackle. Interior of foot glazed.


Tea bowl

Tea bowl in Yellow Seto style

Buff clay. Two fingertip indentations in wall. Yellow-toned ash glaze, brushed inside and out with copper and iron pigments. Base unglazed.