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Tea bowl

Accompanied by two wooden boxes, inscribed Ko-Oribe / Mutetsushi on the inner box, and also inscribed Oribe Kutsu / Mutetsushi shoji on the outer box.


“Mountain tea bowl” (waster recovered from abandoned kiln site)

Bowl with flat base, applied footrim, and everted walls. Gray stoneware, reddish on surface. On interior wall, accumulation of uneven natural ash glaze, pooling at edge of base, with trace of footrim of bowl placed above this one in a stack for firing. On outside wall, thin band of natural ash glaze; rest of wall …


Fragment of a tea bowl

Fragment of a temmoku tea bowl (lower wall). Clay: buff stoneware. Glaze: dark brown-black iron glaze.


Fragment of a tenmoku tea bowl

Fragment of a temmoku tea bowl (section of the lower wall). Clay: buff stoneware. Glaze; brown iron glaze, beading.


Tenmoku tea bowl, fragment

Tea bowl fragment, type from late ogama kiln, cheracterized by foot rim. Clay: light grey stoneware. Glaze: tenmoku.